Wow… COP27 is here after months of anticipation, networking, negotiations, assessments, discussions and preparation. Scientists and Think tanks have said this might be the last opportunity for the world to ‘Get it Right’. as carbon emissions continue to increase and global warming is expected to surpass 1.5 degree Celcius. For Africa, the situation is more dire. How would Africa be able to maintain global climate change mitigation and adaptation pathways against the obvious need for a productive industrial base for its development? This is especially as Africa is paying for the global contamination caused by others…And the pathways that have brought Europe and the United States to their current industrial levels are now been denied to Africa? These are the questions we shall seek to explore. For Environment Africa Magazine, we shall bring you briefs on happenings and events of and throughout the duration of the conference. Our team of on-site contributors shall be bringing their impressions to the table. Stay with Us and Be Informed!  
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