TAAT opens a new frontier for Wheat in Ethiopia

Recent high-level monitoring visits to TAAT programme sites in Ethiopia show that adoption of new wheat varieties, coupled with innovative production technologies and methods, substantially increases production and commercialisation, raises farmers’ incomes and creates job opportunities for women and youth.…

COVID-19 speeds up digitalization of African agricultural sector

When it became harder in Kenya for plant and animal health specialists to meet physically with farmers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the two sides embraced digital agriculture services. And when farmers found it difficult to buy agri-products like seeds and…

Organic farming driving change in sub-Saharan Africa

“Dr Benoy Berry, chairman, Contec Global, speaks to African Farming about the company’s role in transforming agricultural practices through biotechnologies” Over the next 30 years, half of the world’s population growth will happen in Africa. The implications for African states…

Here’s the Home Office Everyone Is Freaking Out About on Instagram

When you’re a fashion blogger, your good taste is everything, so it’s no surprise that Christine Andrew of Hello Fashion.

The Runway Trend That Doesn’t Require Getting Dressed In The Morning

Had someone told Cristobal Balenciaga that 78 years after he opened his namesake couture house, models would be strutting down the runway to Biggie Smalls, I’m not quite sure he would have believed them. But that was the reality of…

The More Advanced Version Of “Draping A Jacket Over Your Shoulders”

Most people will suffer inconveniences and discomfort for the ‘gram, but imagine what lengths fashion people go for the street style snap.

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